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Basics of Watercolor - ONLINE CLASS


with Sharon Squibb

Calendar Aug 25, 2020 at 5 pm, runs for 10 weeks

Grade 9 - Adult

This is a class for students who would like to explore the basics of watercolor painting from home.  Zoom instruction includes step-by-step projects designed to guide you through the painting process from start to finish.  The course will include an overview of special brushes, materials, and techniques artists use to create watercolor art.  Students will work on each project along with the instructor as she demonstrates the steps.  You will also receive emails of detailed PowerPoint presentations that illustrate each project so that you may practice further or complete a piece at home.  No experience necessary.  Students will receive a supply list by email after they register.  Students may purchase their own supplies or through the McKinney Center for an extra $50.00.  If purchased through the McKinney Center, materials can be picked up prior to the first class (if given proper notice).

Payment plan available: $25 deposit plus 1 payment of $90.00, paid every two weeks.

Mixed Media Drawing

Calendar Aug 29, 2020 at 9 am, runs for 6 weeks

Grade 6- Adult

Our new Mixed Media class builds upon a foundation of drawing, while expanding the possibilities with a multitude of mediums. Students will learn how to create varying degrees of line width using pen & ink; while also being introduced to brush pens -- creating smooth, flowing energetic lines. A world of color, texture and composition will be explored, using techniques from printmaking, painting and even textiles!  Students are encouraged to explore processes such as collage and abstraction.  All skill levels and ages are welcome!

This class will transition to online if the need arises.

Payment plan available: $25 deposit plus 1 payment of $149.00, paid every two weeks.

Portrait Drawing - Online


with Allison Parker

Calendar Sep 12, 2020 at 3 pm, runs for 6 weeks

9th Grade - Adult

In this dynamic online portrait class, students will learn how to complete a portrait commission from start-to-finish.  We will begin with proportion studies and measurements of the head, and then learn how to simplify features into light and shadow shapes to create an accurate likeness.  Students will first learn how to analyze and study portrait strategies from a master work of art, followed by live zoom sessions drawing from a live model.  Each student will work independently outside of class to complete a "commission" from a photograph, learning the process of completing a professional portrait from start to finish.  This will include pricing, contracts, meeting deadlines, and how to involve a client in your process.  All levels are welcome, and this class is a fun introduction from beginners as well as a way for more advanced artists to polish their skills!  Demonstrations will be drawing-based, however students may choose to draw or paint depending on skill level.

Basics of Oil Painting


with Sharon Squibb

Calendar Sep 14, 2020 at 5:30 pm, runs for 10 weeks

Grade 9- Adult

Emphasis is placed on basic painting techniques, color mixing and composition, and depiction of light and shadow. Students will do step-by-step paintings on canvas suitable for beginners as well as students with more experience. Water-mixable oils will be used for those who are sensitive to solvents. Some supplies will be provided, including a mixing tray with lid, canvas pads, and linen panels.  Students will be responsible for purchasing other supplies (approximately $20 value).  You will be provided with a supply list.  McKinney Center Staff can assist in ordering supplies if necessary.

This class will transition to online if the need arises.

Payment plan available: $25 deposit plus 1 payment of $133.00, paid every two weeks.

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